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DMP 8500

Scalable metal additive manufacturing for seamless large parts Workflow optimized solution for repeatable high quality parts, high throughput and low total cost of operations
DMP 8500

Derived from 3D Systems’ proven metal additive manufacturing technology, the DMP 8500 Factory Solution is engineered for uniform, repeatable part quality and high productivity in metal 3D printing with a low total cost of operations (TCO).

Modularity for a Scalable Factory Solution

  • The DMP 8500 Factory Solution is comprised of function-specific modules designed to maximize efficiency by optimizing utilization. Each module within the factory solution is fully integrated with a Removable Print Module (RPM) which is vacuum sealable for a controlled print environment and engineered to move between printer and powder modules for a continuous production workflow.

    Printer modules are designed for ongoing, 24/7 printing of parts. Powder Management Modules (PMMs) are designed to efficiently depowder parts on build platforms and automatically recycle unused powder materials to prepare the RPM for the next build.

    Configure your factory set up with the optimum number and type of modules you need to meet your production workflow needs.


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